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Good news for mobile phone addicts

Created on Friday 4th November, 2016.

With the ever increasing number of new releases of mobile phones and new technology, we are all changing our mobile phones more often and selling on our old phones which hold a good value. However, getting mobile phones unlocked can be expensive and a lengthy process and quite frankly is a real pain.

Good news, mobile phone operators spent last year working with the UK Government resulting in unlocking fees charged to consumers will be scrapped once the initial contract period has been completed. This gives the flexibility to sell on unwanted phones or provides the ability to pass them on to family and friends who will now be able to put their own sim card in the phone. This will make it cheaper for consumers and make is easier to switch providers to get a better deal or a cheaper tariff.

It is reported that £48 million is spent by consumers on unlocking fees per year which was reported by USwitch with consumers paying up to £20 to unlock a device, so although you have to be out of your initial contract this is still a positive move.