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Fitbit One – still top of the class

Created on Tuesday 31st January, 2017.

A lot of people are referring to any activity tracker as a Fitbit which is a testament to the product and their power of marketing. Well here is Fitbit One which tracks your steps, sleep and calories and all for a good price.

We all know that part of fitness motivation is being able to do it with friends and this is what drives you to keep going. Therefore if you buy a fitness tracker that none of your friends are using, meaning you can’t compare like for like information about steps, activity and calories – well how much will be motivated. From my experience from having a Fitbit, having my friends using one as well, really spurs me on. It gets competitive and exciting and with more friends coming on board as a Fitbit user, it just gets better and better.

The One may not be the newest model out there but I still think it is still the best option and certainly for the price of about £60.

Now some people might not like that it’s not in a wearable ‘watch-type’ fashion but i think that it gives it more flexibility being able to clip it onto a belt, bra or even drop it into your pocket, and without the rubber case it is really discreet. It’s great for not just monitoring activity but as it has an altimeter you can measure how many flights of stairs you climb.

Via the app which is available for iOS and Android you can track your active minutes which sometimes is a better goal than just steps. What is great is that Fitbits Aria scales sync with your account and help you to measure body fat percentage and BMI.

It comes complete with a wristband enabling you to wear the One at night so you can monitor your sleeping pattern, telling you your rest periods of sleep and then how restless you were which would interrupt your sleep.

I think this is a great activity tracker for 2017.